Twitters Tips for Making Software Engineers More Efficient

FacebookScale-1442415301493“Engineering productivity is hard to measure,” said Peter Seibel, the tech lead of Twitter’s engineering effectiveness group. “But we certainly can harm it.”

Seibel was speaking at @Scale, a conference hosted this week by Facebook that brought together 1,800 software engineers from some 400 companies—all building applications that will potentially be used by millions or billions of people. Seibel told the story of the evolution of software at Twitter—a Babel of different programming languages including Ruby, Java, and Scala that made it hard for different groups of engineers to work together, but was eventually (mostly) fixed.

“As an industry we know how to scale up software,” he said. “We also know how to scale up organizations, to put in management that lets thousands of people work together.”

“But we don’t have a handle on how to scale up that intersection between engineering and human organization. And maybe we don’t understand the importance of that.”

“We massively underinvest in this kind of work,” he said.

Seibel believes that groups of software engineers can be more effective if they take the right number of people away from actually working

Why Millions Are Invested in Thin Flexible Sensors

laopTraditionally, sensors have been built as rigid components, but recent announcements – and the emerging markets ― indicate we will see more flexible sensors in the future.

The U.S. Department of Defense recently awarded $75 million of funding to establish a new Manufacturing Innovation Institute (MII) for flexible hybrid electronics. Under the acronym “FHE MII,” this new entity will be based in San Jose, California, and follow a hub and node approach managed by the FlexTech Alliance.

According to the news release, the federal funding will be complemented by $96 million from non-federal sources, including the City of San Jose, private companies, universities, and several U.S. states and not-for-profit organizations. In total, $171 million will be invested over a five-year period, giving a significant boost to the flexible electronics industry.

Meanwhile, in France, a start-up company called “Isorg” is building a new production line to print flexible sensors. Construction of the 3,000 sq. meter facility started last June and will cost a total of $22 million. Once completed, the production line will be the first of its kind to manufacture optical sensors on plastic.

Printable Electronics

Isorg has

Stimulating Damaged Spines Rewires Rats for Recovery

RatGettyImagesRF127754133-1442254038494A promising new study shows that the nervous system can rewire itself—with a little help from neural engineers.

For someone with a spinal cord injury, destroyed neurons act like a roadblock that prevents movement commands from traveling down the spinal cord and along the nerves. Although an injured person wills his fingers to grasp a cup, for example, the command never makes it to his hand.

But a study published today suggests that precisely controlled electrical stimulation can encourage the nervous system to create detours around that roadblock, allowing the command to get through.

Neuroscientist Steve Perlmutter and his colleagues at the University of Washington devised a clever experiment using rats. The animals were first trained to perform a task in which they reached through narrow slots with their dominant forelimbs to grab food pellets. The rats were then given incomplete spinal cord injuries that almost totally paralyzed those limbs.

Next the rats were divided into three groups and, as if they were in physical therapy, trained again on the same task. The control group tried to perform the reach-and-grasp task unaided, the second group received random pulses of electrical stimulation in their spinal cords during the task, and the third group received stimulation pulses that were triggered by the rats’ attempts to

How To Prevent Dust Build Up In Your Stock Trading Computer

Regular maintenance on your trading computer is going to be the huge contributing factor to enjoying a long PC life span. Dust can cause unwanted issues to your PC. A quick cleaning can eliminate any risk of damage to your internal computer hardware. This is worth the minimal time investment to protect your trading computer. A trader’s PC is the lifeline to the markets. This means that your stock trading computer is vital and essential to your trading.


What type of damage dust can cause to your computer? There are several things that can happen if the dust is not removed from the surface of the hardware in your computer. Your trading computer needs air flow. The more demand you place on your PC with charts and algorithms, the more heat you are producing. Fans move air through the computer to move in cool air and move out hot hair. This means that with the air going into the computer you will also get a percentage of dust. If too much dust builds up on the components it can act like an insulator and trap heat in the component. It can also

Imaging a Linux System

The Administrator is in need of a bit for bit image pending an investigation. When we acquire an image, we are actually performing either an entire hard drive for all of the information on the drive or a single partition. Under Linux we have the advantage of having a built in tool (which is one of my favorites) that will allow us to do an image capture. That built in tool is actually called ‘dd’ (disk dump) (which most Administrators refer to as dupe disk).

For example, the syntax to capture information from a USB drive named Clyde will be:

#sudo dd if=/dev/sda1 of=Clyde.dd

The command ‘dd’ actually grabs a bit for bit image of this USB drive. It can grab a partition or an entire hard disk. For every bit that is on the drive, we will be writing out that image to this file which is called Clyde.dd.

The output of ‘dd’ is what we would consider a raw format because we haven’t done anything to it at this time. It is not in any other form other than the way it was exactly stored on the drive. This makes it a tool investigators and administrators use on a continuing basis.

In this

Is Non Original HP CB436A Laser Toner as Reliable as the Original Brand HP

Check out how compatible HP CB436A laser toner is ideal for busy office and home user and reduce your Printing Cost by 40%.

As one of HP’s most popular and biggest selling black laser toners, the CB436A is bought in the thousands weekly by small offices and home users across Ireland and the UK. This reliable good quality black toner serves many offices in Ireland as they print their way through reams and reams of reports and text documents. Many offices will run up quite a bill with HP laser toner and often wonder whether they should switch to a more economical compatible laser toner. In recent years there have certainly been doubts in the minds of home users and businesses about the using compatible or non-original cartridges as they are often referred to. Many people know they exist in the inkjet cartridge market but weren’t really sure if they were available for laser toner printers. Well, they have in fact been on the market for several years now and selling quite successfully too.

The HP CB436A toner is typical of the type of toner cartridge first cloned by third party manufacturers offering end users the opportunity to buy the same toner

A Non technical Primer To Computer Security

Computers have been used by organizations and businesses from the day of its inception. Later on, computers were networked to form the internet. However, for connecting to the internet, businesses often choose to form a local area network within their premises and this network is connected with the internet through gateways.

Also, there have been issues regarding the security of computer systems and networks, as they are used to store sensitive information or communicate to relevant persons at distant locations. Moreover, there have been cyber crimes that have raised many questions regarding the safety of computer systems and networks.

To understand the situation in a deeper way, you need to appreciate the way computers work. Computers are not the collection of tangible hardware that you can catch hold of. In fact, only the hardware components amount to nothing but some dead, fancy and costly mini toys. What puts life into the hardware and makes it work is the software.

Now, among the software, the major one is the operating system. The job of an operating system, among many others, is to manage the resources for processes, applications and system requirements. It does so in a quiet manner, often at the back ground. The

Secure QuickBooks Hosting cloud services

QuickBooks is a customizable accounting solution operating for businesses globally. A company may get the accounting software QuickBooks application customized based on specific company requirements. All the organizations have different needs and therefore they operate trades accordingly. Intuit offers customized solution for small and medium sized firms. The accounting QuickBooks application modules are customized on demand while QuickBooks application has all the modules such as sales, payroll, payments, manufacturing, reporting, invoicing, inventory, VAT and Customer relationship management. QuickBooks is very simplified accounting solution for businesses small, medium, self-employed firms or startups. The QuickBooks application can integrate with any application such as Microsoft solutions, MAC, UNIX or Linux and data migration becomes easier from one source to another. All the applications get easily integrated with QuickBooks Hosting cloud. This feature is a great achievement for the accountants as the application operates data. Accountants or professionals have no manual data input work and the simplified accounting task is more transparent.

QuickBooks is simplified accounting process easy to understand and learn the functionally of the application. Users can learn more on the accounting solution from the portal videos, tutorials and webinars. Further users have choice to select recorded or live to understand the process